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Operational Competitivity Programme 2014-2020

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IMC POSITIVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SRL, as beneficiary, has signed the financing contract with the National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation as Intermediate Organization on behalf of the European Funds Ministry in its capacity of Management Authority for the Operational Competitivity Programme (OCP) 2014-2020, contract having the title: “Stabilizing platform with adjustable payloads for optical devices suited to mobile naval and land surveillance – IMOTION”, ID P_39_396, Cod SMIS 2014+

This contract is financed within the OCP, Priority Axis 1: Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RDI) support business and competitiveness, Action 1.2.1.: Reinforce companies’ request for innovation through RDI projects conducted/driven by individual companies or in partnership/association with research and development institutes and universities with the aim/purpose of innovating processes and products within the potentially growing economic sectors.

The project’s result is designing, prototype assembly and starting manufacturing of a mobile optical platform for naval and land surveillance activities – IMOTION.

The non-refundable financing requested amounts 4,902,193 RON, out of which the total European Funds contribution was of 3,538,284.8 RON, and the national budget contribution was of 884,571.2 RON.

Project’s period of implementation is of 24 months, between September 10, 2016 and September 9, 2018.

Project co-financed by the Regional European Development Fund through the Operational Competitivity Programme 2014-2020.

        Contact person: Ciprian MOȘTEANU

       Position: Legally Empowered of IMC POSITIVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SRL

       Phone: + 40 722.254.780


       Address: No.102, Izbiceni St., sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

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